BioAFM/MicroSystems LAB

@Boğaziçi University


BIO-AFM Laboratory is the newest lab at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Boğaziçi University. Currently, the lab houses a multi-purpose AFM system: Bruker Nano – Dimension Edge AFM-SPM:

Cleanroom Facility located at Life Sciences and Technologies Research Center, Boğaziçi University:

·     TO1 (Lithography Room – Yellow Room, 36 m2, ISO 14644 Class6)

·     TO2 (Dry Surface Chemistry Lab, 40 m2, ISO 14644 Class7)

·     TO3 (Wet Surface Chemistry Lab, 30 m2, ISO 14644 Class7)

·     TO4 (Medical Device Production/Assembly Lab, 72 m2, ISO 14644 Class7&GMP)

·     TO5 (Medical Grade Metal Processing Laboratory, 42 m2, ISO 14644 Class8)