The Electronic CAD laboratory has one SUN Sparc20 station, two SUN Sparc5 stations, two SUN Sparc4 stations and five Sun Ultra 5/270 workstations with more than 190 Gigabytes of storage capacity on which MentorGraphics™ V. EN2002 Electronic Design Automation Software resides.

In addition, Spice3F5, HSPICE, and Magic 7.1 packages for computer aided design of VLSI circuits are available. Two Dell Workstations (donated by Intel), one pentium4 PC and one Pentium PC (on which LABView software and DAQ cards are used for testing digital circuits) are available as well.

One Macintosh Quadra 900, one Performa 5400, two G3 processor PowerPC and one G4 server with MACOS X are also available for the DesignWorksTM CAD, UNCLE, MATLAB v5.1, CodeWarrior IDE 3 packages.


An IMAC is reserved for presentation purposes. A high performance A0 size multi-pen plotter is connected to the computers as well as two laser printers.

The following equipments and services are available for research activities:

• 7 Sun Ultra 5, 270 MHz workstations
• 5 Sun Sparkstation workstations
• 2 1.5Ghz, Sun Blade 1500 workstations
• 1 1.6Ghz, Sun Utra 45 workstation
• 4 PC with different configurations
• 2 Macintosh
• Various digital and analog test equipment
• 2 FPGA development kit and ALTERA design environment.
• MentorGraphics design suite (Full package).
• Synopsys Hspice, Cosmos, Saber analog, RF and mixed-signal simulation environment

CMP and EUROPRACTICE subscriptions for IC fabrication.



2007 Bogaziçi University