Audio Spectrum Analyzer: Done by Nerhun Yildiz and Baris Guven. The designed system is a power spectrum analyzer which is specifically designed in order to process audio signals and implemented using Xilinx FPGA.. Basically the project consists of an audio input port, the amplifier and ADC, FFT core, VGA driver and various control logic and memory. In other words the designed system has an audio input and an IBM PC compatible monitor output. The power spectrum of the sound signal is displayed on the monitor at real time. Spring 07

Ping-Pong Game : Done by Murathan Alpay, Evren Cesur, Ferdi Tekçe. This project is about the design of two-color (black and white) ping-pong game for 2 players and implementation on a Xilinx FPGA. It is divided into three parts: keyboard control, game core and VGA driver. Input from the users is taken directly from the FPGA development board buttons, or through PS/2 keyboards. The game is displayed on a VGA monitor. The circuit is defined in VHDL, and it targets a Xilinx Spartan-3 XC3S200 on a Digilent D3SB development board. The circuit was designed on a Windows XP PC using the Xilinx ISE 9.1., Mentor MODELSIM 6.2b tools. Spring 07.

Image Loader: Done by Ahmet Unutullmaz, Oguz Atasoy, Orhan Mert, Aydin Ozyavas. In this project, an image stored on the memory of FPGA is uncompressed, processed, enhanced and displayed on a CRT display via VGA interface all done on FPGA. Spring 07

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Reading from / Writing to External Memory: Done by Murat Tumer, Furkan Emre Sahin, Cagsun Acemoglu. This project is about reading from and writing to an external memory and its implementation on a Xilinx FPGA. The system is defined in VHDL and uses a custom-make microprocessor. Spring 08.

Plotting a Polynomial Graph on a CRT Screen Through VGA Port: Done by Yildiz Koken, Yavuz Yetim and Ozlem Bilgir. The designed digital system drives a CRT screen through a VGA port. It plots a parabolic or cubic polynomial function on the screen. Polynomial coefficients are entered using push buttons. Spring 08.

Screen Saver: Done by Soner Dedeoglu, Omer Faruk Ozdemir, Hasan Cem Demetci. The designed digital system drives a CRT screen through a VGA port. It plots a moving logo on the screen as a screen saver if there is no input to the system for the last five seconds. Spring 08.

EE540 Advanced Digital Design-VHDL & FPGA

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