Beta Laboratory

The VLSI design laboratory is established in 1993 with the aim of conducting research in various aspects of the evergrowing field of Very Large Scale Integration and establishing links between industrial companies in order to meet their ASIC demands. With the recruitment of new faculty members with backgrounds in the field, new projects were sought for and as a consequence of the received support from various sources both internal to the university and the leading industrial companies, the VLSI design lab. facilities are now housed in BETA which is named after the recently established Boğaiçi Üniversitesi Elektronik Tasarım ve Araştırma Laboratuvarı (Boğaziçi University Electronic CAD Laboratory) in July 1996. The laboratory which has been a member of Europractice since 1995, is equipped with nine SUN workstations, all of which are capable of running a full version of MentorGraphics suite of tools as well as HSPICE. The lab has Altera FPGA tools, several personal computers, and various equipment for testing and characterization of ICs.




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